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Six Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance – #6

The cost of homeowner’s insurance is one of those unavoidable expenses that comes along with owning a house.  How much you’ll pay for insurance varies depending on your location and the age of your home.  It can feel like a big expense, but knowing you’ll be reimbursed if something happens to your most valuable investment can be priceless. Plus, your mortgage company may require that you keep a certain level of homeowner’s insurance as well. 

6th way to save on your homeowner’s insurance is to shop around every few years. I say this because more then not our home insurance is tied into our mortgage and we just get the bill and pay it not even realizing that our homeowner’s insurance goes up year after year. Every carrier has guidelines that set rates and those can change from year to year.  It’s also good to shop it if your agent is not doing that for you. This because lots can happen with the carriers, they could have paid out lots of claims the year before so how are they going to make up for that money they lost? You guessed right! They will up everyone’s insurance premium to overcome that financial loss. Also, other companies could be doing every well and they have a rate decrease of about 10%. That can be a huge difference on your bill. Its important to be with an agent that pays attention to the carriers and the markets he/she writes with. Jones Family Insurance constantly talks with the carriers they write with. We know who is increasing or decreasing rates, why they are doing it, and when they are doing it. 


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