Flood Insurance

Six Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance – #5

The cost of homeowner’s insurance is one of those unavoidable expenses that comes along with owning a house.  How much you’ll pay for insurance varies depending on your location and the age of your home.  It can feel like a big expense, but knowing you’ll be reimbursed if something happens to your most valuable investment can be priceless. 

5th Check out flood insurance. Always know when purchasing your home if you’re in a flood zone and if you are, know what your Base Flood Elevation (BFE) is. Your BFE will determine the height at which the flood carrier determines your price. If you have equipment in the garage such as hot water heater, make sure it is elevated. We have seen flood polices go 6x the regular price just because a hot water heater sits on the ground. In Charlotte County we are experiencing a flood map change and it is very important to call your agent or us to find out all the ins and outs of this change. The maps haven’t changed here in about 30yrs! Also, even if you are not in a flood zone it is important to get a quote. People think oh my gosh flood insurance is so expensive. Well if you’re not in a flood zone you’re probably looking at about $400-$600 per year to cover your most prize possessions. Just remember one in five flood claims come from homes that are NOT in a flood zone.


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