In this video, Agent & Owner Matthew Jones guides you through the important aspects of a wind mitigation report. He discusses the requirements for roofs built after 2002, the significance of roof deck attachment, the role of trusses in securing the roof, the impact of roof geometry on insurance premiums, the benefits of secondary water resistance, and the importance of hurricane-rated glass. Paying attention to these factors can lead to significant savings on insurance premiums. Please watch the video to gain a better understanding of wind mitigation and how it can benefit you.


I just dealt with Angela who works in the office of the Jones Agency. I have to tell you I’m still smiling! I only called to pay for my new insurance policy but we talked and laughed for 20 minutes. Talk about a personal touch. We didn’t just talk about insurance. We got to know each other a bit. Boy, I feel at home with this group. Seriously, treat yourself to an awesome experience with these folks and check with them before you renew any policy you might have.