Motorcycle Insurance & Safety – Serving Fort Myers Florida

When most bike owners are finally able to get out there on the open road. Before you take that first ride, make sure that your bike is up to the task and ready to go. Motorcycle maintenance and safety go hand-in-hand, and keeping your bike in great shape will ensure a great ride.

  1. Read the manual: Seriously, do it. Every bike is different, and it’s important to understand exactly what yours requires. Not only will give you the best overview of how to keep your bike in tip top shape; it might even save you money, because you won’t be servicing your bike more often than is truly necessary.
  2. Inspect your bike: To start, walk around your motorcycle and do a careful visual inspection. Look for damage, rust, leaks, and anything else that looks suspicious.
  3. Fill the fluids: Check oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant. Having clean fluids at the right levels will ensure your bike runs properly and that your motor lasts as long as possible.
  4. Air filter: Check the air filter and replace if necessary. This filter keeps dirt and debris out of your engine, so it’s pretty important.
  5. Keep it clean: Cleaning your motorcycle isn’t just about looking good while you’re out on the road–allowing grime to build up on your bike can also affect performance and cost you money in the long run. Clean your motorcycle while it’s cool using cleaning products especially made for motorcycles.
  6. Test the battery: Test your battery using a voltmeter to ensure that it’s in good condition–and so you don’t get stuck on the side of the road somewhere.
  7. Check the tires: Evaluate tire treads, check the air pressure, and look for damage. If your tires are older than five years, you should have them looked at by a professional–even if the tread still looks good.
  8. Brakes: Learn to check your brake pads by sight, and inspect them frequently during the season to stay safe and protect your motorcycle from unnecessary damage.

Insuring your Bike:

Before you hit the road, make sure you are protected. Motorcycle insurance can usually be purchased through your auto insurer. Much like car insurance, Jones Family Insurance will take into account what type of bike you have, you’re driving history, your age and how much coverage you need. Taking a motorcycle-specific safety course can reduce your risk of accident or injury, as well as your insurance costs.

Staying Safe on the Road:

There are many ways to reduce your risk of accident or injury while riding your motorcycle. Taking a safety or riding course can help you to stay current and learn how to drive in challenging conditions. Always wear a full coverage helmet (even if it’s not required), and never drive intoxicated. Do your part to keep yourself and other motorists safe on the road.

For all of your car and motorcycle insurance questions, call or contact Jones Family Insurance today.