Part 1 — Six Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance

The cost of homeowner’s insurance is one of those unavoidable expenses that comes along with owning a house.  How much you’ll pay for insurance varies depending on your location and the age of your home.  It can feel like a big expense, but knowing you’ll be reimbursed if something happens to your most valuable investment can be priceless. Plus, your mortgage company may require that you keep a certain level of homeowner’s insurance as well.  There are typically four parts to a normal homeowner’s policy you’ll see on your quote that you should make your agent explain to you.  Those coverages are:

Dwelling– This covers damage to the house itself. This covers the rebuild of the home from the slab up in the even of a loss due to fire or any other disaster that make it impossible to salvage the house.  Lots of homeowners think the numbers that agents quote their dwelling at is a lot and we are trying to make more money. When reality 20% of average Americans homes are underinsured. From Talking to different contractors, it cost about $150-$200 x Sqft to build a house. This means when Jones Family is trying to find out your dwelling coverage depend on the grade of the house we multiply the under air sqft and multiple by it anywhere between $150-$200, the number we get is the number we insure your dwelling for.

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