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Hurricane Sally left 500,000 without power!

Hurricane Sally left 500,000 without power! Hurricane Sally came through! The most severe wind damage seemed to be limited to areas near the coast or open bay waters.  What I saw was mostly minor damage to roofs and siding, seldom structural, let alone catastrophic.  At one point though, more than 500,000 residents were without power […]

Basics of car maintenance: 8 tips to follow

Basics of car maintenance: 8 tips to follow We rely on cars a lot in our day-to-day lives and sometimes we put them through a lot… hot summer days, icy winter conditions, kicked-up rocks, potholes and more. Because your car may be one of your biggest expenses, knowing the basics of car maintenance can help […]

Preparing for Hurricane Season Flooding

Preparing for Hurricane Season Flooding Hurricane season is upon us and with these storms comes the threat of flooding. Unfortunately, tropical storms can also be unpredictable and their path, intensity, and possible damages are hard to determine ahead of time. The best thing you can do if you are in a hurricane risk area is […]

Florida Homeowners Market Update

Florida Homeowners Market Update Another homeowners property insurance Home Insurance Quote company has filed a double-digit rate increase with Florida regulators while Citizens Insurance has begun tracking contingency fee multiplier litigation, one of the cost drivers behind rates.  Plus a great history lesson about Florida’s market to pass along.  It’s all in this week’s update. […]

Important Developments Regarding PIP Insurance

Important Developments Regarding PIP Insurance PIP insurance or Personal Injury Protection, has the world of motor vehicle insurance providers on tenterhooks as the Supreme Court rules against an insurance company and in favor of the Florida Hospital Medical Center in the 5th District Court of Appeal. Personal Injury Protection(PIP) is mandatory insurance coverage for all registered […]

Insurance Company Loses AOB Argument

The Florida Supreme Court is being asked to weigh in again on an insurance claims case involving an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) contract between a contractor and a homeowner.  It follows a recent ruling by Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal against an insurance company that refused to make insurance payments to a third party […]

Professional liability vs. errors and omissions insurance

Professional liability and errors and omissions insurance both protect businesses from expensive lawsuits caused by unsatisfactory work. The language used may differ by industry. Professional liability vs. E&O vs. malpractice insurance Many industries use the terms “E&O insurance” and “professional liability insurance” interchangeably. You may also hear these policies called “malpractice insurance.” Common industry names […]

What is homeowners insurance?

What is homeowners insurance? Homeowners insurance is a type of property insurance that covers private residences. It offers financial protection in case of an accident, theft or disaster involving your home. A standard homeowners insurance policy typically covers structural damage, personal belongings, liability and additional living expenses. 1. Structural damage This is one of the […]

Motorcycle Insurance & Safety

Motorcycle Insurance & Safety – Serving Fort Myers Florida When most bike owners are finally able to get out there on the open road. Before you take that first ride, make sure that your bike is up to the task and ready to go. Motorcycle maintenance and safety go hand-in-hand, and keeping your bike in […]

Why Did My Car Insurance Rate Change?

Why Did My Car Insurance Rate Change? Insurance rates fluctuate. It’s a fact of life. However, we get that it can still be a bit frustrating to witness a price increase when you’re least expecting one. That’s why we’re here to help lift the veil and do our best to explain a few reasons why […]